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Joe Scarborough Rails Against Rick Perry: He's 'Not A Real Conservative'

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Joe Scarborough accused Rick Perry of being a liberal who changed his political stripes just to gain power, mocking the GOP candidate with a faux Texan accent on Wednesday's "Morning Joe."

He called Perry a "dime store Republican," who went from being a Democrat to a Republican when the Republicans won power in the South. The catalyst for Scarborough's stinging criticism was what he called Perry's "love letter" to Hillary Clinton supporting her attempt at health care reform in 1993.

"He's not a real conservative," Scarborough said. "You can't be at his age for Hillarycare in 1993 and manage to become the Tea party 'Let's secede, let's secede from the Union!'" He also cited Perry's role chairing Al Gore's campaign in Texas in 1988.

He predicted that Perry would be "a big government Republican," blasting, "I have always had these suspicions. He will do whatever it takes to get elected."

He even did an impression of Perry with his Texan accent, imitating, “you know what, doggone it, let’s secede from the union and Social Security’s a Ponzi scheme, let’s shut down FEMA." WATCH:

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