08/31/2011 04:08 pm ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

Rachel Zoe To Launch Jewelry Collection, Dress Baby In Combat Boots (VIDEO)

In the Popsugar video below, we get a sneak peek of the upcoming season of "The Rachel Zoe Project" as well as stylist Zoe's plans for her burgeoning fashion brand.

Next up for the charming fashion mogul: jewelry! After designing several seasons of her namesake apparel line (and wearing it, too), Zoe said that baubles are her next endeavor, hopefully to arrive by 2012.

From there, sky's the limit: belts, hats and even items for home!

Zoe also chatted about life with her new baby, Skyler, who we'll be seeing in Season Four of "The Rachel Zoe Project" when it debuts on September 6.

Rachel will obvs parent in her fashion-forward way (no mom jeans for this mummy), a fact that's abundantly apparent in this preview scene with her ever-patient hubby Rodger:

Rachel: "If you guys were both wearing, like, a leather jacket and combat boots, wouldn't that be cute?"

Rodger: "No. He's going to wear diapers."

Even if Zoe got Skyler in the moto-chic ensemble, it wouldn't stay put long. Rachel tells Popsugar that when she leaves the house for work, Rodger changes Skyler out of his sophisticated baby gear into "an athletic little onesie and some sort of hat" (we're guessing "athletic clothes" for babies means, well, regular baby clothes).