09/01/2011 08:50 am ET | Updated Nov 01, 2011

Huffer Shows At New Zealand Fashion Week, Puts Girl In Cake (PHOTOS)

Everyone may be abuzz over next week's New York Fashion Week, but there's another Fashion Week already happening across the world in New Zealand.

Yes, New Zealand gets its own Fashion Week, and why not? The island country neighboring Australia knows how to put on a good show, as we learned from the following runways images. Huffer, an Auckland-based clothing line that we actually really love (check out the clothes here), closed its otherwise calm runway show with a blode, bikini-clad girl popping out of a cake.


Done up as foreigners must imagine an American girl to look like, the bronzed model wore her hair down in waves covered by an army-style hat and a crocheted American flag bikini with red and silver beaded necklaces down her front. Standing up and blowing kisses to the audience, she was pushed around in an amateurishly-made paper mache float in the shape of a white cake with red and blue trim with an American flag hanging off the top.

She was, in short, a patriotic, all-American vision.

The exuberantly tacky finale was juxtaposed by the rather subdued runways looks that proceeded it, which seemed to channel winter at an American liberal arts college campus -- chunky knit sweaters, schoolgirl skirts, dark colors and lots of layers.

The finale, by contrast, looked like spring break in Cabo.

Check out the nutso, Yankee-themed fashion show below.

Huffer Show