Keith Olbermann Talks Bill O'Reilly Marriage Allegations (VIDEO)

09/01/2011 08:12 am ET | Updated Nov 01, 2011

Keith Olbermann took obvious pleasure at the latest scandal involving arch-nemesis Bill O'Reilly on his Tuesday and Wednesday shows.

O'Reilly was the subject of a lengthy Gawker report which alleged that he pressured a Long Island police department to investigate a man O'Reilly suspected was having an affair with his wife. The report also said that O'Reilly had been considering making a donation to a police foundation at the same time he was asking the department to conduct the investigation, though it offered no hard proof that anything like a quid pro quo was either explicitly discussed or enacted.

On his Tuesday show, Olbermann gleefully said that O'Reilly was "back with a vengeance." He referenced O'Reilly's past warning to a radio caller that he would call the police after the caller mentioned Olbermann's name, as well as the previous allegations of infidelity against O'Reilly. This new report, he said, nicely merged the two strands.

"Several observers have noted that, while his ratings have been unaffected in the last year Bill-O seems to have lost his controversy fastball. Now you know why," Olbermann concluded.

On Wednesday, Olbermann went one step further, bringing on attorney Gloria Allred to discuss the controversy. He obliquely mentioned the phone hacking scandal currently embroiling News Corp.

"If ... you're trying to downplay the summer past and to muffle the fall ahead that's going to have internationally televised hearings about how you've been bribing cops ... how poorly is this story timed?" Olbermann asked.

"There's nothing positive about this and even the best spinners, I think, would be hard-pressed to find a happy face," Allred said.


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