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Rio De Janeiro's Urban Gondolas: New Public Transit Line Makes Debut (PHOTOS)

Rio Cable Cars

First Posted: 09/01/11 11:12 AM ET Updated: 11/01/11 06:12 AM ET

The latest, most innovative form of public transit in Rio de Janeiro has made its high-flying 2011 debut.

As Wired is reporting, a six-station gondola line running above a collection of favelas , or shanty towns, known as the Complexo do Alemao opened in March and carries an estimated 30,000 people a day along a 2.1-mile route over the embattled neighborhood.

As these stunning images attest, the new $74 million urban gondola line has transformed what used to be a hour-and-a-half trudge into a 16-minute, theme park-style sky ride. The project is just one of the city's massive construction projects planned in anticipation of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Take a look at Rio's spectacular new transit line here:

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Cable cars ferry passengers over the Complexo do Alemao favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A six-station gondola line, the newest transportation system in Rio de Janeiro, carries 30,000 people a day along a 2.1-mile route transforming the hour-and-a-half trudge to a nearby commuter rail station into a 16-minute sky ride. (Bloomberg / Getty Images)


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