09/01/2011 02:52 pm ET | Updated Nov 01, 2011

College Football Fight Songs: Ranking The Best From Hail To The Victors To Rocky Top

College fight songs are more polarizing than Nickelback singles. In each case, there tends to be a small but fiercely loyal contingent who love them. And those folks must defend their passion -- whether it be for "Something In Your Mouth" or "Rocky Top" -- against a larger society that just doesn't get the appeal.

In anticipation of the upcoming college football season, HuffPost Sports has scoured the songbooks of colleges and universities, leaving no note unsung from the aptly-named "The Fight Song" at Bates College in Maine to the "Co-Ed Fight Song" at the University of Hawaii. Below is a compilation of some the most beloved fight songs in all the land. They were picked for historical significance, tunefulness and, in some cases, the angst they inspired amongst fans from other schools.

With college football season set to kick of on Thursday night, we'll hear these fight songs, and many more, played in the coming months. Of course, the song that will sound most pleasing to the ear will no doubt be the one heard shortly after the clock strikes 0:00 in the fourth quarter of the BCS championship game on January 9th in New Orleans.

If you feel that it's a travesty that your school's tune wasn't included then state its case in the comments section.

The Best College Fight Songs