09/02/2011 09:11 am ET | Updated Nov 02, 2011

Brodney Pool Hits Riley Cooper: Jets Safety Takes Eagles Receiver's Helmet Off (VIDEO)

The fourth game of the NFL preseason is generally a time for key players to take it easy and for fringe players to take one last shot at earning a roster spot. So, it's quite rare that you'll see a player who knows that he's made the squad deliver a hit as tooth-loosening as this one.

In the first quarter of Thursday night's game between the Eagles and Jets, Philadelphia's Vince Young took a shotgun snap and quickly threw a deep pass to Riley Cooper down the right sideline. Cooper appeared to make the catch between two defenders, but Jets safety Brodney Pool launched into him hard enough that his helmet flew off and the ball was dislodged.

Pool was flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver and Cooper appeared to be okay, fortunately.

With pool delivering a blow like this in a meaningless dress rehearsal, offensive players must cringe at the notion of what human missiles like James Harrison will try to do this during the regular season.