09/02/2011 12:01 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2011

Denver Drinking Trend: 5 Best Ginger-Infused Cocktails

The root of a good cocktail is apparently ginger, as it’s popping up on menus all over town. Here are a few of Denver’s ginger-tinged tipples that you won’t want to miss.

City, O’ City: This Capitol Hill favorite offers the City Ginger Gin Fizz, created with Jackelope gin, agave nectar, fresh ginger and freshly squeezed lime juice served up with a splash of Oogave ginger ale.
206 E. 13th Ave.; 303-831-6443

Rioja: Treat yourself to Rioja’s classic cocktail, the Pomaginger: Skyy Vodka, pomegranate juice, a twist of lemon and, of course, ginger.
1431 Larimer St.; 303-820-2282

Zengo: Tease your lips with a hint of the Far East with Zengo’s Asian-inspired Kimono Kiss, made with sake, Stoli Ohranj, ginger, blood orange and lime.
1610 Little Raven St., Riverfront Park; 720-904-0965

Blake Street Vault: Make your way to LoDo for the Vault’s signature Moscow Mule cocktail – also dubbed the Denver Donkey. Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice go into this creation, served up in a traditional copper mug.
1526 Blake St.; 303-825-9833

Beatrice & Woodley: This South Broadway gem offers the full-flavored Ginger on the Side, which includes Canton Ginger, Hardy’s VS Cognac, simple, lemon juice and ginger tincture.
38 S. Broadway; 303-777-3505