09/02/2011 11:19 am ET Updated Nov 02, 2011

Serbian Singles Opt For Matchmaking Scheme In Effort To Boost National Birthrate (VIDEO)

Faced with one of the lowest birthrates in Europe, Serbia is taking a "Sex and the City"-like approach to reversing the tide: a speed-dating, matchmaking experiment.

As the BBC is reporting, 300 single, thirtysomething residents in a Serbian village opted for a matchmaking experiment: an introductory night of dinner and dancing, followed by a holiday on the Greek coast. The village mayor says he hopes to increase the area's birthrate by 30 percent.

Participants mostly had mixed reactions to the event, but left feeling a bit more inspired. "At first glance, I thought it was a little forced...and artificial," said one female resident. "But now I think it's nice."

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