09/02/2011 04:56 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2011

Texas Can Now Have Highest Speed Limits In The US

The fastest speed allowed in the United States is currently 80 mph, but that could change today thanks to a bill passed in Texas that might allow the Lonestar State to, once again, outdo the rest of the country.

Under the new legislation, as of Thursday morning, highways through Texas will no longer have different speed limits for nighttime and daytime. Texas was the only state in the US that still had day and night speed limits, which were once fairly common.

The new legislation also mandates that the typical 70 mph during the day 65 mph during the night signs can now be replaced by 85 mph signs, though that is not yet a done deal. According to CBS, no road in Texas has yet been assigned a speed limit over 80 mph.

That being said, it looks likely that Texas will break the 80 mph barrier soon. The bill to increase the speed limit passed the state’s House of Representatives with only two votes against it and passed the Senate with no objections at all.

Many trucking routes run between the major cities of Texas so the change in night speed limits could make those routes faster.