09/03/2011 01:44 pm ET | Updated Nov 03, 2011

Lake Tahoe Eagle Rock Hiking Trail Opens To The Public (PHOTOS)

Hikers in Lake Tahoe now have a whole new way to discover paradise.


A trail to the stunning Eagle Rock overlook opened this week, providing visitors easy access to the summit of one of the West Shore's most spectacular vistas. According to the Sacramento Bee, a number of makeshift trails leading to the rock already existed, but the paths had been damaging habitats and creating erosion. The new trail, created at a cost of $100,000 by the California Tahoe Conservancy, was built with erosion-control measures.

“Once more a number of Tahoe Basin organizations came together to implement a project that has benefits for residents and visitors alike,” Patrick Wright, Conservancy Executive Director, told the Tahoe Daily Tribune, citing the numerous organizations that helped make the endeavor a reality. “The California Conservation Corps was instrumental in getting the trail built, and the Tahoe Rim Trail Association and the U.S. Forest Service were on hand to lend their expertise. The follow-up work by AmeriCorps interns made the trail even more enjoyable for hikers.”

A favorite spot for many Tahoe travelers, the Eagle Rock perch provides panoramic views of the lake. "Over the years, I've found many special spots on the West Shore to ponder life, but my all-time favorite is Eagle Rock," hiker Jill Beede wrote. "At the look out point I digest the wonders of Tahoe, refreshened by the lake's clear waters, majestic mountains, and endless skies."

Visitors can access the new trail on the south side of Eagle Rock, and the summit can be reached in about 20 minutes.

Take a look at images of the path below:

tahoe trail

Photographs courtesy of Ray Lacey at the California Tahoe Conservancy.