Jeb Corliss, Professional Wingsuit Flyer, Soars Above Mountains (VIDEO)

09/04/2011 01:57 pm ET | Updated Nov 04, 2011

We're pretty sure this video will make you reevaluate your current career. How can you top flying?

Take a look as Jeb Corliss literally soars above mountains and, and some points, comes within a few feet of the ground before leaping back up again.

The key to Corliss's flight? A special body suit first used in the 1930's.The Wingsuit, or flying squirel suit, adds fabric between the legs and arms which allows the flyer to coast similar to a bird.

Because the flyers use declining altitude to glide from point to point, each suit contains a parachute for the final landing.

As far as extreme sports go, this might just beat fire surfing.

If this doesn't quench your daredevil thirst, you can take a look at another one of his flying videos here.