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The Rapture, 'How Deep Is Your Love?'

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In anticipation of The Rapture's first album in five years, we're getting pumped with their single, "How Deep Is Your Love?". The album, In the Grace of Your Love, drops tomorrow and finds the band reuniting with DFA.

On "How Deep Is Your Love?" The Rapture sounds matured, sonically cohesive and a little more mainstream than the off-kilter sound we knew and loved. But they're as infectious than ever, which is not a bad foretelling for the album. Now we'll cut the small talk and let you jam, because you want to be jamming to this.


Track list for In the Grace of Your Love is as follows:

01. Sail Away
02. Miss You
03. Blue Bird
04. Come Back To Me
05. In the Grace of Your Love
06. Never Gonna Die Again
07. Roller Coaster
08. Children
09. Can You Find A Way?
10. How Deep Is Your Love?
11. It Takes Time To Be A Man

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