Flight cancelled after white powder found on plane in Boston

09/06/2011 12:23 pm ET | Updated Nov 06, 2011

CONWAY, Mass (Reuters) - A JetBlue Airways flight to Florida was canceled and two flight attendants were checked at the hospital as a precaution after a suspicious powder was found aboard a plane at Boston's Logan Airport on Tuesday.

Airline staff were on board preparing for the scheduled 6:40 a.m. departure of Flight 465 to Ft. Myers, Florida when a female flight attendant opened a tissue box and found a "suspicious white, powdery substance" emerging, Massport spokesman Phil Orlandella told Reuters.

No passengers were on board at the time.

JetBlue rebooked all passengers on other flights, Orlandella said.

Two flight attendants were taken to an area hospital as a precaution and later found to be in good health, JetBlue spokesman Mateo Lleras said.

Massport fire and rescue teams as well as state police investigated the incident and found no hazardous materials present, Orlandella said.

(Reporting by Zach Howard; Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Greg McCune)


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