09/06/2011 11:03 am ET | Updated Nov 06, 2011

Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd Talk Weddings On 'The View' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

It was a banner day for "The View," as the show kicked off its new season, introduced a new set and addressed the two weddings that had taken place over the summer.

About those weddings: everyone knew that Sherri Shepherd was getting married, but Joy Behar shocked people when it was revealed that she had also gotten hitched just days before Sherri's wedding. On Tuesday's "View," Joy revealed that she had told her co-hosts she was marrying longtime partner Steve Janowitz weeks before it happened. She said that the news of the wedding had leaked out against her wishes.

Asked why she had decided to marry her partner of 29 years, Joy initially presented a Letterman-style Top 10 List, containing reasons such as "Joy embarrassed asking about senior discounts for her 'boyfriend'" and "Steve tired of being referred to as 'that old guy' by Joy's relatives." When pressed to give a serious answer, though, she said that a lesbian couple had inspired her to marry for pragmatic reasons.

One of the women had died before gay marriage had been legalized, and "the other one couldn't go in as her girlfriend or her wife or anything and make decisions...she had to say that she was her sister." Joy said that this had served as a wake-up call to her. "[I thought], 'wow, they could really do that to you," she said, adding that it was this that convinced her to get married. She showed pictures of the wedding, which was attended by her and her family, along with pictures of her and Steve dancing.

Sherri asked her if she felt any differently now that she was married. "Not in the least," Joy responded.

Sherri also talked about her wedding, which was a much more lavish affair. She actually came to the show in her wedding dress and shoes. She and Elisabeth Hasselbeck recounted one of the more riotous stories from the wedding, which involved a microphone and a lack of underwear (seriously). Everything, she said, had gone off "without a hitch."

Below, see photos of Joy's wedding, Sherri's dress and the new set.