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Preview 'Finest Hour,' Patton Oswalt's New Album (AUDIO)

First Posted: 09/06/11 04:51 PM ET Updated: 11/06/11 05:12 AM ET

Since his last album, "My Weakness Is Strong," came out in 2009, Patton Oswalt's been busy being a father. But that doesn't mean he's hung up his hat. His latest comedy album, "Finest Hour", is being released by Comedy Central records on Sept. 20, and you can listen to a short preview right here.

It's no surprise that fatherhood will be a hot topic on "Finest Hour," which was recorded in Seattle this year. But Oswalt will also touch on other important stuff, like "incontinent monkeys, crack heads and Jesus," according to a press release.

The bit embedded below deals with something comedians are not stranger to -- Weight Watchers jokes -- but as usual Patton puts his own hilarious nerd-rage spin on things.



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