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Renaldo Balkman Headbutts Greivis Vaquez: NBA Players Mix It Up During FIBA Tournament (VIDEO)

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There may be no NBA for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean fans of the association don't have the chance to see NBA players mix it up.

Throughout the summer there was a variety of dunks, fancy moves and all-around spectacular performances by NBA stars to satisfy the appetite of NBA fans nationwide, despite the fact that the league is currently in the midst of what looks to be a long-term lockout.

And now, there's this.

Towards the end of a game between Venezuela and Puerto Rico at the FIBA Tournament of Americas, Venezuelan guard (and Memphis Grizzlies bench player) Grevis Vasquez was frustrated about his team's performance and decided to take out some of his frustration on the wrong guy -- Renaldo Balkman of the New York Knicks.

With his team down 62-85 with under six minutes left in the game, Vasquez committed a hard, but by no means malicious, foul under the basket on Balkman. The dreadlocked small forward responded by promptly walking up to Vasquez and giving him a piece of his mind -- that is, he head-butted him. This naturally set off a skirmish between the two sides that was quickly broken up.

The headbutt was a cheap shot that not only got Balkman ejected, but it may also hurt his teams odds in the tournament if he gets suspended by FIBA.


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