09/06/2011 05:41 pm ET | Updated Nov 06, 2011

Tony Kanaan Crashes Into Helio Castroneves: Car Goes Airborne Before Indy Car Race (VIDEO)

For those of you who don't adhere to the techniques learned during those driver's ed classes in high school, here's a little reminder of the importance of checking your mirrors.

During warm-ups prior to the Baltimore Grand Prix, Helio Castroneves got quite a scare, as evidenced by this breathtaking footage captured from inside his car.

Just before a turn in the course, the car driven by Tony Kanaan went completely airborne and flew over the right side of Castroneves' car.

As The Indianapolis Star described, "Both drivers were hustling down the front straightaway on their second laps when Kanaan pushed the brake pedal to the floor without response. He saw trouble ahead."

There can be few feelings as helpless as going full speed in an Indy car with no brakes. Fortunately, Kanaan used his knowledge of the course to avoid an even more dangerous wreck.

Kanaan knew that his best chance at safety was to make his way for a run-off area at the edge of the turn. Unfortunately, Castroneves happened to be in his way. After losing contact with the track and rising up over Castroneves' right side, Kanaan's car clipped the concrete barrier before landing safely in a strip of banded tires. Both drivers were miraculously unharmed.

“I was very worried. He landed in a very bad position," Castroneves told The Globe And Mail. “It was a very scary accident, but I’m glad he’s okay.”

Driving a back up car (obviously), Kanaan finished third in the grand prix on Sunday. Castroneves finished 17th.