09/06/2011 07:46 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

David LaHuta, Travel Writer, Talks Bermuda Secrets (VIDEO)

Travel writer David LaHuta has the sort of intimate knowledge of the Atlantic island paradise of Bermuda that could only come from living there, which he very happily does.

Spared the wrath of Hurricane Irene, Bermuda's heading into shoulder season after Labor Day, which means prices are better, crowds are thinner and the weather is still perfect. With flights to Bermuda much cheaper than you'd find to the Caribbean, David says the island is more accessible than many people may imagine, given its tony reputation.

David shared his insider tips on visiting with The Huffington Post from Bermuda, where he keeps a surfboard hung on the wall in his office for a necessary — and healthy — dose of island vibe.

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