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Solar Flare Unlikely To Cause Problems, National Weather Service Says

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IN SPACE - FEBRUARY 15: In a screen grab taken from a handout timelapse sequence provided by NASA / SDO, a solar spot in the centre of the Sun is captured from which the first X-class flare was emitted in four years on February 14, 2011. (Image by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) | Getty File

WASHINGTON -- Forecasters say a new solar flare should provide only a glancing blow on Earth on Friday and is unlikely to cause any problems.

The National Weather Service's Space Weather Prediction Center says northern lights may be slightly more visible, but there should be no radio, satellite or electrical grid disruptions.

They say the flare that erupted from a sunspot Tuesday is fairly big, but most of it will miss Earth, going far above the planet.

Senior forecaster Norm Cohen said the flare should arrive around 1:30 p.m. EDT Friday, but is nothing to worry about.



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