09/11/2011 11:49 am ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

Tim Heidecker And Brett Gelman Work Out Their Stand-Up Acts Over Lunch (VIDEO)

If you've ever been witness to loud, overconfident comedians working out their (bad) material in public, you know that little in this world is more grating.

Tim Heidecker and Brett Gelman -- both of whom, unlike their counterparts in this video, are incredibly funny -- put out this video last week in which they work out their stand-up comedy in a restaurant, much to the dismay of their fellow diners.

Both comics possess an offbeat sense of humor to say the least, so this sketch may not be for everyone. But fans of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" and "Eagleheart" will be pleased to see this blistering parody of a scene play out.