River Garbage Used In Sculpture By Minnesota Artist (PHOTOS)

09/08/2011 04:05 pm ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

Some sculptors work with marble or bronze. For one artist in Minnesota, trash proved to be another medium that leaves a lasting impression.

Raina Belleau, a 2011 graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, created the sculpture seen below entirely out of river trash.

After pulling trash and scrap metal from the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers this summer, Belleau spent over 200 hours crafting the sculpture of an eight-point buck with herons nesting in its antlers. The sculpture weighs over 500 pounds and stands nearly 15 feet tall, according to MCAD.

Her work was exhibited at last week's Minnesota State Fair and was this year's sculpture for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Adopt-a-River program.

Images courtesy of Patrick Kelley and MCAD. Captions courtesy of MCAD.

River Garbage Sculpture


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