09/08/2011 02:13 pm ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

Donnetta Foster, Georgia Mother, Faces Jail Time For Son's Library Giggling (VIDEO)

Donnetta Foster admits to throwing a fit after she and her giggling baby were kicked out of a Georgia public library, but the 20-year-old mother hardly thinks she deserves jail time over the incident.

Roughly one year ago, Foster and her 14-month-old son, Savon, visited the Decatur Public Library so that Foster could use a computer to prepare for a job interview, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported. The single mother had her son busy with a deck of animal flashcards when a library security guard tried to eject her from the building because the boy was laughing too loud.

Foster says she asked a library employee to intervene, but the staff member instead shut down the computer and insisted that the guard eject Foster from the building, according to reports.

A police account explained that she "became irate, yelling in a loud and boisterous manner," and used profane language, according to CBS Atlanta.

Police eventually arrested Foster across the street from the library and police charged her with disorderly conduct, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported.

Foster's attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis, admits that his client stepped out of line, but does not believe the situation required police intervention.

“She was loud. She was upset. She was emotional,” Davis said of his client. “But it did not warrant her being arrested.”

Since Foster refused to accept a plea and the judge will not drop the charges, a court date is set for Sept. 13.

Foster faces up to twelve months in jail if convicted of obstruction of a police officer.