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Jon Stewart Derides Mitt Romney: 'You Want To Be President So Bad, Al Gore Can Taste It' (VIDEO)

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"The Daily Show" schedule prevented Jon Stewart from commenting on Wednesday night's GOP Presidential debate, but he was still ready with some material on frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

We look forward to Thursday night's show when Stewart will have not choice but to take on Perry's "bold" performance during the debate, but on last night's show it was Mitt Romney who was the biggest target.

It was almost as if Stewart didn't know where to start. Mitt Romney's 59-point jobs plan is great fodder, but what's even funnier is that when Romney advertised it, he said he wasn't sure if it was free or not.

"You don't know how much yor economic plan costs people to get," Stewart pointed out.

And then there's Romney's rhetoric: his bizarre payphone/smartphone economic analogy, his talk of a job creating "machine" and his wish that middle income families have "the highest income in the world." Stewart addresses all these Romneyisms, leading him to one frightening conclusion:

"Oh my God, Rick Perry is going to be our next President!"


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