New World Trade Center Rendering From Larry Silverstein The Most Impressive Yet (VIDEO)

09/08/2011 12:00 pm ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

In an effort to attract new tenants to the new World Trade Center site, developer Larry Silverstein, Mayor Bloomberg, and architects Daniel Liebeskind and Michael Arad held a press conference on the 10th floor of the under-construction WTC 7 building Wednesday, according to The New York Observer.

They showed off some fancy toys the building will feature, including interactive touch screens with neighborhood amenities and transportation news.

They also displayed a 12-foot model of the finished site, and produced this very impressive video of WTC construction combined with a high-quality CGI depiction of what the entire property will finally look like from up close and far away.

Consensus seems to be that the video is pretty much the WTC rendering to end all WTC renderings. It was posted by The Architect's Newspaper, who gushes that "this time machine has production values on par with Inception, and like that thriller it might leave you wondering which dream level we’re on." Enjoy.