NFL Lockout 2011: What Players Did With Their Time Off

09/08/2011 06:16 pm ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

As a result of the NFL lockout, players had a little extra time off to engage in activities outside the confines of football.

Some of these ventures were well-publicized, such as Hines Ward's Dancing with the Stars (I guess the term is) championship. Others were more under the radar, like Charles Clay, a Dolphins' draft pick who had to work as a day laborer in order to make ends meet.

Although we all could have done without the night terrors provoked by the thought of missing out on an NFL season, the lockout did provide an opportunity to observe many of our favorite athletes outside of their comfort zone. The results were fascinating, with many players proving their talents stretch beyond the football field.

Punters became interns, safeties became school teachers, and Chad Ochocinco...continued to do the various things that Chad Ochocinco does.

Below are some of the most interesting activities that players engaged in during their summer off from football.

How NFL Players Spent Their Summer Vacation
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