09/08/2011 04:45 pm ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

Telikin Touchscreen Computers: Designed For Baby Boomers And Grandparents (PICTURES)

Baby boomers, you now have a computer designed just for you.

The Telikin touts itself as "quite possibly the world's easiest computer," and it puts usability above all else. Indeed, the all-in-one device consists of a simple touchscreen desktop that ships with all its software pre-installed for ease-of-use; just plug it in, connect to the Internet and it's ready to go, according to the company's website. The touhscreen monitor is available in two easy-to-see varieties, 18.6-inch or 20-inch.

The homescreen on the desktop is designed for accessibility, with clickable links to all available applications running in an always-visible sidebar next to a large window. The apps included are video chat, photos, email, web browsing, calendar, address book, news, weather, DVD Player, CD Player, games, a word processor, a powerpoint viewer and a toolkit with things like a download manager, a stopwatch, a calculator and other common utilities. Tech support is accessible in a read-me format, and also offers the option to connect with a friend, family member or Telikin tech support via direct video chat and remote video chat access.

Scan through the slideshow below for views of the Telikin desktop, applications and some technical specifications:

Telikin Desktop For Baby Boomers