Barrie Hayman, Breeder, And Star The Duck Become Best Friends (VIDEO)

09/09/2011 01:56 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011
  • The Huffington Post

Could man's new best friend be a duck?

Well that's the case for Englishman Barrie Hayman.

Star, an Indian Runner duck, managed to waddle his way into his breeder's heart after being rescued from his incubator, according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently Star's siblings didn't play nice with their brother, and Hayman had to remove him from the group.

The 65-year-old told Metro that he used to carry the duckling in his pocket, and now the 11-week-old is never more than a few steps behind him.

It appears that Star has quite the busy schedule, too.

He goes on walks around town, helps Hayman train Collies to be sheep dogs and after a long day of work, he heads to the bar. The darling duo even plan to watch the Rugby World Cup together at a local pub next week, Metro reports.

Apparently Star loves his human friends and shows no interest in playing with other ducks, The Telegraph reports.