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Bird Walking Down An Escalator Is A Metaphor For Your Life (VIDEO)

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This video of a seagull trying to walk down an up escalator in a mall needs to be narrated by Werner Herzog. Stat.

We can hear it now. Can't you?

It was a bleak afternoon in the Pasadena shopping center. Not unlike every afternoon that had preceded it, or the afternoons that were to follow.

A single bird approached the escalator. Why? Was this march begotten of a primal longing to connect to another? A cry for progress in a seemingly endless string of sunny days? We may never know.

One thing is certain: we are all seagulls walking down an electronic staircase into the food court of infinity. As our webbed feet grow weary, we must learn to take comfort in our only respite: flying into glass walls and scurrying away into the unknown.

Aaand scene.


Via The Daily What

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