Colbert Fires At 'Straight-Shooter' Rick Perry Over Social Security (VIDEO)

09/09/2011 02:54 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

Taking aim at everything from Keynesian economics to the 17th century papacy during Wednesday night's GOP debate, Texas governor Rick Perry made it almost too easy for late night political comedians to return the fire. And sure enough, Stephen Colbert didn't let the Texas "staight-shooter" off easy, lampooning the frontrunner's views on global warming, the death penalty and social security — or, in Colbert's words, "the 800-pound gorilla in the room, being stomped on by the elephant in the room, being ridden by the emperor who has no clothes."

"Think about it: millions of unsuspecting young rubes are paying in while the fat cats at the top sit back and rake in an average of $1,177 a month, all to fund their lavish lifestyles of motorized chairs and special teeth they can take out at night," Colbert riffed in response to Perry's comparison of Social Security to a Ponzi scheme targeting America's young taxpayers.

In fact, Colbert continued, it's easy to see how Perry's logic sheds light on other Ponzi schemes in our midst, like banks and their "private alternative": Vegas.

"Old people love it. We just plunk them down at the slots and let them feed their life savings in one nickel at a time," Colbert said.

Watch the full clip below, and let us know if you think Colbert is justified.


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