09/09/2011 12:30 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

The Dick Cheney Softball Book Tour, Remembered

A few weeks ago, Dick Cheney's memoir, "In My Time," arrived at bookstores. It came with the promise that it was going to hit the streets like a twenty-megaton diss track. Heads would be exploding, all over Washington, we were told. Well, as it happens, Washingtonians have managed to get through the streets without stepping in too much cranial viscera. The larger story, however, is the extent to which the media swaddled Dick Cheney's head in as many fluffy pillows as it could find, bending over backwards to ensure that he got treated to a game of softball.

With all of the intensity of a kitten's purr, the media greeted one of the most controversial figures of this American life, and really put the screws to him with questions that may as well have been, Do you realize how awesome this book is? and Are you aware you are in a longstanding, successful relationship with this woman who is apparently your wife? and OMG you brought cupcakes, why? Are you trying to tell us how special we are? Because we feel pretty special, eating these cupcakes! Naturally, Sean Hannity distinguished himself as the cottony-softest, essentially summarizing long sections of Cheney's book in front of him, and then asking Cheney if he did a good job summarizing.

Did you hear about how Dick Cheney was anesthetized for a long period of time, during which he dreamed of Tuscan villas? "I want to hear about your sedation," said Mika Brzezinski. Nothing to do and nowhere to go, just put me in a wheelchair, and get me to the show.

At any rate, we've saved the savorable moments for you to enjoy.


[Video produced by Sam Wilkes.]

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