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'Do It 'Cause Daddy Said So' Is About Dads AND Jesus (VIDEO)

First Posted: 09/09/11 06:09 PM ET Updated: 11/09/11 05:12 AM ET

When we first hit "play" on this vintage children's music video, we couldn't figure out why it seemed so creepy.

The message is normal enough in theory. Most dads can totally help you through the basics: bathe, be nice, represent all of the food groups. But this girl is really into listening to her dad. Like, really into it.

After hearing the words "trust, obey" repeated over and over again, something felt off, and then we hit 1:50! And realized it's a religious music video! And she's singing about Jesus, not just her dad!

It's the same feeling you get when you find out that romantic Sufjan Stevens song you always loved is actually about Christ's crucifixion, but hey, at least things make a little more sense now.

Mystery solved, y'all.


Via Videogum


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