09/09/2011 09:10 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

'Easywalker:' Naked Mannequin Parades Around Los Angeles

Warning: depending on your personality, what you're about to see will either delight, amuse, or horrify.

Let me set the scene before you press that "play" button. The film opens on a tranquil street when suddenly a jaunty, naked mannequin (don't worry, no genitalia involved) prances into view. Dancing, marching, and flailing ensue.

Animation artist David Lewandowski, who designed the title sequence for 'TRON: LEGACY,' directed the short film and set it to the song "Little Ships" by Jacques Perrey. Released on September 2, the viral video quickly thrust Lewandowski in the limelight. Just four days later, Lewandowski was signed to production company Pulse Films for "video and commercial representation worldwide," according to Promo News.

It's bizarre and engrossing -- and as says, "you’ll catch yourself clicking 'replay' over and over!"