'True Blood' Season Four Finale Clips (VIDEO)

09/09/2011 05:50 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

No one can live forever--not even on "True Blood." But as long as Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello and Stephen Moyer (and Chris Bauer!) all return for season five, then we'll be alright.

While most of the season has seen Sookie caught between two vampires--Bill and Eric--Sunday night's finale episode finally gives werewolf Alcide a chance to make his much anticipated move on Sookie. It looks like the hottest love triangle on television is finally turning into a full-fledged sexy square, and we couldn't be more excited to see who Sookie picks.

Only in a world like "True Blood" does choosing the werewolf seem like the “safe choice.”

Meanwhile, Tommy is laid to rest--but what about his plan to sell Mrs. Fortenberry's land? The conversation between Hoyt’s mother and Sam is definitely a reminder that she may not have a home for much longer. And can you imagine how awkward it would be for Hoyt if his overbearing mother came to live with him? Once again, poor Jessica.

The season four finale of "True Blood" airs Sunday, Sept. 11 at 9 p.m. on HBO.