09/09/2011 08:58 am ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

Matt Long Winner Of 'We Are All Warriors'; 9/11 Survivor Wins Lionsgate Online Campaign

We've become familiar with the towering masses in the posters for the upcoming upcoming fighting flick, "Warrior," but Lionsgate wanted to shed light on the unsung warriors of real life.

The production company held an online campaign, "We Are All Warriors" to urge people to share their own stories of physical triumph and "what they fight for."

Contestants submitted written work or videos telling their individual stories and the most worthy was named an “everyday warrior.”

And the winner, who was just announced, couldn't be more deserving.

Matt Long is a New York City firefighter and a 9/11 survivor but faced an even more life-threatening situation: While biking to work, he was run over by a bus.

He underwent 50 surgeries and his survival chance hovered around five percent.

Against the seeming impossible odds, Long emerged victorious. He became a world class athlete, competing in NYC marathon and the Ironman and is now a celebrated author, founder and spokesperson of the I Will Foundation, dedicated to helping those recover from catastrophic injuries.

"Warrior" hits theaters September 9.

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