Work Travel: Lesser-Known Jobs For Travel And How To Snag Them

09/09/2011 08:10 am ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

It’s the ideal situation: Getting to travel and have someone else pay for it. There are many obvious options for such a set up that come to mind. For pilots, flight attendants, cruise ship crew, tour guides and the like, travel is just another day at the office. But what are other options for an employee with wanderlust?

Online job boards like Monster and Careerbuilder are good places to start, but there are other ways to focus in on jobs that might lead to travel.

“I would focus my attention on companies in my industry that have a global or national presence,” advises Charles Purdy, senior editor at He also recommends honing in on those companies that always show up at industry events, as that is a sign that they value putting their staff on the ground.

Cameron Powell, head coach and founder at Feroce Career Coaching suggests tapping into social media outlets by joining groups on LinkedIn or being a part of BranchOut on Facebook. He also points to expat communities as a way to make connections and find job leads. Websites like, and have job boards. Some expat communities like those in Moscow, Tianjin and Cape Town have their own sites.

Both men highlight the usefulness of speaking another language. But, fluency isn’t always necessary. Even basic conversational skills or enrollment in a language course can be enough to put on a resume.

Keep in mind, though, the downsides of work-related travel. Obviously, there will be work involved, so those looking for a free vacation need not apply. (Though, getting to keep airplane miles to put towards a vacation is a definite perk.) Plus, there’s the unpredictable schedules, the strain on relationships and the possible health consequences of dining out often and having little time for exercise.

But, if that’s nothing to bat an eye at, then here are a few career paths that might satisfy a taste for travel.

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