09/12/2011 03:41 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Adrian Ayers Finds Himself In An Explosive Situation When Burying Family Pet

An Ohio man made a potentially explosive discovery this weekend when he unearthed a box of TNT while burying a family pet.

Adrian Ayers, 37, of Blanchester, a village located about 35 miles northeast of Cincinnati, was digging a hole to bury his cat when he made the unsettling find on Sunday, police said.

Ayers told police he thought the metal box contained bullets and C-4 explosives, WKRC reported.

The Blanchester Police Department called the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office bomb squad to assist and police evacuated two city blocks

"The ... bomb squad arrived at the scene and determined the material to be five three-quarter sticks of TNT," Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt told The Wilmington News Journal.


The explosive material was removed from the scene and disposed of at an undisclosed location.

Authorities have yet to comment on how or why the explosives were in Ayers' backyard.