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'Club Paradise' And 'Paradise': Drake And Coldplay's New Track Showdown

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Not only do Drake and Coldplay share a drop date of October 24th for their upcoming albums, Take Care and Mylo Xyloto, they've each released teaser tracks with the word "paradise" in the title. It's like they're twins! The only response to such synchronicity, obviously, is to pit the two against each other. Whose paradise song sounds more like paradise?

In the first corner is Drake's "Club Paradise," a slippery contender named not for Adam and Eve's playground, but for a strip club in Toronto. Is it fair to expect angels and mild summer breezes when the stated reference is to ladies with boob tassels? No, not at all. And as such, the track delivers. This is sad, slow, angry Drake, a Drake who probably just realized he mistakenly washed a sweater tagged Dry Clean Only. Verdict: Paradise Lost.

In the second corner: the members of Coldplay, frowning slightly at something. The strings swell, Chris Martin's falsetto pleads, there's even a beautiful unnamed girl at the heart of the lyrics, who dreams of para-para-paradise. This is not a jam to smile to, no more than Drake's, but it's certainly more likely to stream across the nation from the open windows of teenage girls' cars. Verdict: Paradise for Twihards.

LISTEN to Drake's "Club Paradise":

LISTEN to Coldplay's "Paradise":

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