09/12/2011 02:30 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Dina Manzo Warns Other 'Housewives' Ready To Quit

Ex "Real Housewife" of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, told me backstage at "New York Live" that other ladies currently on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" are not having fun anymore and might follow Manzo’s precedent and say goodbye to the show.

“Well it didn’t feel good anymore,” Manzo told host Sara Gore and me, while promoting her new HGTV reality show "Dina’s Party." “It wasn’t fun and I woke up one morning and [thought] 'what am I doing? I don’t like doing this. I don’t have to do this.' And that’s where that fine line comes. You can leave. I wouldn’t put my daughter on anymore [during] season 2, my husband never wanted to be on. So you have that choice. I don’t blame Bravo. I don’t blame production 'cause at any time you, you do sign a contract, but you can play chess. Say, okay fine come on over and film me washing my dishes.”

And although the current cast was rushed back into filming another season before this one, which captures Teresa Giudice's financial disaster, has even finished airing, Manzo tells me it might be the last for more than one of the housewives. She also confessed that, in her opinion, Bravo was too quick to air "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" after the suicide of Russell Armstrong.

“I really thought it was going to [be] postponed a bit ... People forget that it’s really our lives it's not just a scripted show,” Manzo said. “So it’s a very hard thing for the audience to remember for that second. This really happened in someone’s life ... So, I thought they would wait a little bit longer but my god, what a situation.”

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