09/12/2011 07:21 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Duboce Park Neighborhood May Be Deemed Historic Landmark District (PHOTOS)

Living near Duboce Park has always had its perks. (A dog-friendly stretch of green, rows of classic SF houses, stumbling distance from Toronado…) And now, it might have one more.


The San Francisco Planning Department is considering dubbing the Duboce Park neighborhood a Historic Landmark District.

If included, the Duboce Park neighborhood will become Duboce Park Historic District -- the 12th historic district in San Francisco, and the first one since the Dogpatch was knighted in 2003, according to Haighteration.

“Only a fraction of a percent of the geographical area of The City is a local landmark,” said Dennis Richards, president of the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association in an interview with the Examiner. “It’s exciting.”

The area being considered takes up four blocks between Deboce Ave., Waller St., Steiner St. and Scott St., and contains a whopping collection of 89 historically significant properties, many of them built before the 1906 earthquake.

The good news for property owners: those within the district could be eligible for some serious tax cuts, property values are likely to (slightly) increase, and, according to the Planning Department, "property owners benefit from the official commitment to historic preservation and the security of knowing that their property will not be negatively affected by future development trends in the neighborhood." The bad news: future development trends apply to you, too. So that means if you've been saving up for that uber-modern second addition, you better think again.

But for those who love a Victorian, Duboce Park real estate might be shining a little bit brighter.

While there are currently no homes on the market with the border of the area being considered, there are several within just a few blocks. Check them out in our slideshow below: