09/12/2011 01:34 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Jorge Molina, Ruben Castro Hit Ball Off Crossbar Three Times In Four Seconds During Real Betis Match (VIDEO)

Sometimes a soccer team can exhibit tremendous skill by somehow not scoring a goal. In fact, Arsenal has made a habit of it in it England over the past few seasons.

But in their La Liga match against Mallorca, Real Betis managed to not score in way that would have even Arsene Wenger feeling they were hard done. Betis attackers managed to kick the ball off the woodwork, not once, not twice, but thrice within a four-second span without scoring.

The series began with Betis' Ruben Castro rifling a shot past the Mallorca goalie that pinged off the far post. However, it appeared the squad would still notch a goal because the ball happened to ricochet right to Castro's teammate Jorge Molina, who faced an inviting open net. Molina got his head on the ball, which proceeded to bounce on the ground before hitting the crossbar. Mercifully, the ball dropped for him once more, giving him another chance to get his team on the board, but he capped off the unlikely sequence with yet another shot off the crossbar.

The sequence likely gave Real Betis fans and bettors alike a heart attack, but fortunately for them Castro was able to notch the only goal of the match in the 86th minute to give his squad the victory.

The entire sequence gave us flashbacks to Ronaldinho's "Crossbar Challenge" in which the Brazilian legend was filmed effortlessly kicking a ball off a crossbar repeatedly from a fair distance away (with the help of the shoes he was shilling, of course).

Unfortunately for Betis, the difference between Ronaldhino's sequence and Molina's is that the latter was 100 percent real.

Hat tip to Dirty Tackle.