09/13/2011 11:02 am ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

Man Who Found $150,000 In His Garden Files Claim For The Cash (VIDEO)

The attorney representing an unemployed Illinois man who found two duffle bags containing approximately $150,000 in cash in his back yard last month is due in court Tuesday to file a claim with the hope that his client can keep the money he discovered.

CBS Chicago reports that attorney Robert Burke is entering an order with the McHenry County Clerk on behalf of Wayne Sabaj, who attracted international media attention when he came upon the money nestled amongst the vegetable garden behind his home in unincorporated Johnsburg, Illinois. Shortly after doing so, he alerted authorities to the discovery -- a decision that some observers have questioned.

Police say the money may have been dropped off following a burglary, but have yet to connect it to any specific crimes. Meanwhile, Burke is confident Sabaj will be able to claim the money for himself -- though he has to wait just over a year after the claim is filed to do so, CBS Chicago notes.

If he is successful in his claim for the money, 49-year-old Sabaj, a carpenter who has been out of work for three years and lives with his 78-year-old father, said his first big-ticket purchase will be getting his teeth fixed, according to the Chicago Tribune. As for those who say they would have kept the money and not alerted the authorities if they were posed with a similar dilemma?

"[I]t wasn't my money," Sabaj told the Tribune. "I just figured I did the right thing."

Despite Burke's confidence, Jessica Drahos, assistant state's attorney, explained to the Tribune that even if the money's true owner does not come forward during the year following Sabaj's claim being filed, he is still not guaranteed to receive the money.

WATCH a report on how and where Sabaj found the surprisingly valuable duffle bag last month: