09/13/2011 02:28 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

Colorado Springs Woman Robbed By Man With Fire Extinguisher

A group of men broke into a Colorado Springs woman’s home using a fire extinguisher to hold her up while they robbed her apartment, according to the Aurora Sentinel.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department Blotter, the woman, a mother at home with her two children on Monday night, heard some strange noises outside her apartment when suddenly the front door was forced open and a man entered, brandishing a fire extinguisher as a weapon.

The suspect pointed a fire extinguisher at her and told her to “stay in the living room.”

While she was being threatened by the man pointing the fire extinguisher at her, the woman told police that three more men came into her apartment and took electronics, according to 7News. A fifth man reportedly waited outside as a guard and left with the group when they finished robbing the apartment.

The victim described the robbers as black males all between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall with slender builds, however one suspect was thinner and approximately 6 feet 7 inches tall. Police are still searching for the suspects. There were no injuries reported.

Read the entire police description of the crime at the Colorado Springs Police Department Crime Blotter here.