09/14/2011 01:31 am ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

James Franco Buys Portrait of Himself From 13-Year-Old-Fan

Can James Franco do no wrong? The notoriously overachieving actor/painter/director/producer/screenwriter author/pilot/performance artist/professor recently added art collector to his list of conquests, buying up a collection of portraits at the Toronto Film Festival. However, in typical James Franco style, buying an artwork the traditional way was not quite spectacular enough. The portraits, first of all, depicted Franco himself; that they were painted by a 13-year-old fan was icing on the cake.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, which Franco attended to discuss his new Gus Van Sant-inspired art installation, the James-of-all-trades reportedly spotted a girl in the crowd wearing a homemade Franco T-shirt. The lucky girl was Macy Armstrong, super-fan and curator of the Tumblr blog “James Franco Forever.” Canadian station CTV reported that Armstrong dubbed herself "a humongous fan. For his birthday, I made him a cake."

Armstrong came to the exclusive event with 3 original artworks: a yarn Franco portrait, a newspaper Franco collage, and a canvas ‘127 Hours’ poster. Apparently even Franco can’t turn down the magnificence of his own face, because the versatile heartthrob bought all three pieces. Armstrong seemed appropriately giddy, blogging that she is “pretty sure we mentally got married.” Franco has not yet commented on the purchase.