Juan Francisco Home Run: Reds Bench Player Hits Ball Out Of Stadium (VIDEO)

09/13/2011 03:18 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

If you told us that a baseball player hit a home run entirely out of a big league ballpark on Monday night, and gave us 1,000 guesses as to who it was, there's a decent chance we wouldn't utter the name 'Juan Francisco.'

But on Monday night in the bottom of the second inning at The Great American Ball Park, Cubs pitcher Rodrigo Lopez delivered a fastball over the plate, and Mr. Francisco took the ball for a ride.

A long ride.

Francisco's blast went either 482 feet or 502 feet, depending on your source. Either way, the mammoth blast is among the top two longest home runs hit in the majors this season. Prince Fielder hit a 486-foot dinger in April.

To say that Francisco wasn't a likely culprit to hit the second longest home run in the majors this season is an understatement. The third basemen has only hit five career home runs in 68 games played over the course of three seasons.

The Reds ended up dropping the game to the Cubs 12-8, but it's likely that fans will remember that blast longer than they'll recollect the final score.

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