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LA Zoo Welcomes Baby Tigers, Otter Pups, And Komodo Dragon Hatchlings

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PREVIOUSLY: The Los Angeles Zoo is booming with new life - and we have some of the cutest pictures you've ever seen to prove it.

Three male Sumatran tiger cubs were born on August 6 to Lulu, the Zoo's female tiger, according to the Zoo's press release. Sumatran tigers have been listed as critically endangered numerous times, including as recently as 2008, reports IUCN. The illegal trade of tigers and the loss of natural habitat has caused the international Sumatran tiger population to plumet.

Lulu, the mother, will raise the cubs without intervention of the Zoo over the next few months. They will not be exhibited during this process, notes the release. The LA Zoo is hoping for a public viewing exhibition come December -- but if you can't wait for the cuteness -- video footage available online will show the cubs development.


Shortly before mama tiger Lulu gave birth to our new tiger cubs, two giant otter pups were welcomed on July 10. The otter pups are being cared for in the nursery of the Winnick Family Animal Care Center -- you can view them through the nursery windows. There are only five zoos in the United States currently exhibiting giant otters, reports the release.


And last but not least -- twenty-one (yes, twenty-one) Komodo dragon eggs hatched in early August at the zoo. Laid by the LA zoo's female dragon Lima, the hatchlings are being watched off-site, similar to the otter pups. Less than ten zoos in North American have bred Komodo dragons successfully, reports the zoo.


UPDATE: Unfortunately, one of the three new tiger cubs was found dead Monday, reports the Los Angeles Times. The mother tiger will continue to raise the two surviving cubs.

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