09/13/2011 05:54 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

Legal Sea Foods Makes Fun Of Save-The-Animals PSAs In New Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

Legal Sea Foods has gotten itself into hot water before with environmental advocacy groups by hosting events such as a blacklist fish dinner. But it looks like the company still has buttons left to push. This time, the seafood restaurant chain has created ads that mock the omnipresent, cheesy yet tearjerking save-the-animals PSAs. However, instead of donating money to save polar bears, Legal Sea Foods want to save fish, you see, so then they can be eaten. Crabs can thus be chopped up and turned into "little tasty crabcakes" while trout should be saved so "we can grill that baby up real nice."

It comes as no surprise that the folks at Greenpeace aren't amused. "I'm not trying to antagonize environmentalists," Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Sea Foods, told USA Today, "I'm trying to educate consumers."

Do you believe him?

Watch the ad spots below: