09/13/2011 10:48 am ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Motherhood And Her New Show 'Ringer' On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

She kicked some serious butt, taking down monsters and vampires on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" for seven seasons, but actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is now facing one of her toughest and sometimes grossest challenges; motherhood.

The 34-year-old gave birth to daughter Charlotte, who she and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. call Charlie, in September 2009 and is finding out that slaying vampires can be a whole lot cleaner than taking care of a two year old.

Gellar told "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon that she loves being a mom, the only thing is that her daughter has a little problem with "poop."

"She has some issues with poop. I mean I also have some issues with poop, I'm not poop's biggest fan," she joked with Fallon. "She does this thing, she likes to take her diaper off anyway she can at night. Like if she poops at all in her diaper, she doesn't want it on anymore, which I kind of understand. I would not myself want to sit in a diaper full of poop."

The actress explained that she's tried everything to get little Charlie to keep her diaper on, even resorting to using duct tape, but to no avail her daughter still manages to get the diaper off.

"I come in the other morning and she's like 'Mama, Mama, poop in the bed.' And I'm like 'yeah, I see'," explains Gellar who continued her story saying her daughter looked at her really seriously, before leaning forward and smelling her soiled bed and tells Gellar, "I think it's hummus."

"I'm like hummus? Who does that?" she joked.

Gellar also spoke to Fallon about her return to television -- she stars as twin sister who are both hiding dark secrets on "Ringer," which premiers tonight.

"The New York Post had the best review of the show ... it said, "Bridget's a ho and Siobhan's a bitch," she told Fallon excitedly. "And I thought it was the best description of the show I've ever read."

Gellar clearly seems excited by her new series, she told Fallon, "I play both of [the sisters]. I have the most excellent co-star, me."