09/13/2011 08:33 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

WK Interact And The New York City Fire Department Unveil ‘Project Brave' Mural

WK Interact, the French-born street artist known for his striking depictions of figures in motion, unveiled his latest work, ‘Project Brave’ on Sunday. The massive mural is a collaborative effort with the Yonkers Fire Department to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. ‘Project Brave’ will be on view through October 11th at Kent Ave. and North 5th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The immense undertaking measures a substantial 328 feet (100 meters) across and depicts New York's bravest in a black-and-white scene of chaotic motion. The piece reflects not only the physical, but also the emotional sacrifice that was made on 9/11, and the beleaguered firefighters are depicted carrying great burdens. Disorienting splashes of paint interfere with the viewer's sense of depth, and feelings of lostness and claustrophobia are palpable.

WK was born in Caen, France in 1969, but has lived in New York City for the past 20 years. His technique of shifting images during photocopying creates a distorted vision of the human body in motion; the techniques have garnered WK a bevy of high-profile clients, including Nike, Adidas and BMW.

The Jonathon LeVine gallery, which represents WK, said: “He feels grateful and proud to be a French New Yorker. With this mural he wishes to pay tribute to all the heroes of 9/11 and give something back to the city of New York.”

WK Interact's PROJECT BRAVE In Williamsburg