09/14/2011 02:30 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011

Ed Schultz: Obama 'Not Being Aggressive Enough'

Ed Schultz opened up about his frustration with President Obama, his transition to being a liberal and his experience on the football team in a racially-segregated high school in the September issue of Talkers magazine.

The MSNBC host, who has criticized Obama for not being tough with Republicans, said that Obama is "not being aggressive enough." He said, "I think he’s gone far enough in trying to negotiate the position on what he believes in and I’m somewhat critical of President Obama right now."

Schultz has been vocal about his criticism of both parties in Washington in recent months, and there have been times where observers say his comments crossed the line.

Still, Schultz maintained that he enjoys a lot of freedom on-air at MSNBC. "I’ve never been told what to say on MSNBC," he told the magazine. "That’s a hell of a freedom. But with it goes the responsibility that you have your facts straight."

The staunchly liberal host discussed his transition from being a conservative in the late 1990s. He credited his wife, who he met when she was running the homeless shelter in Fargo, North Dakota, and other events for opening his eyes.

Schultz also recalled his "Remember the Titans" moment as a teenager during racial integration in the 1970s. He said that he was the captain of a predominantly black football team, and two segregated buses showed up to pick up the players for the play-offs. "I got on with the brothers," he said. "I got on with the black players because I knew it was the right thing to do. It was an eye-opener for me. No matter how good we try to make things right there are always going to be those divisions."